Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hip Hop Makes You Dummer

I hope you're sitting down (of course you are, you're at a computer, unless you're reading this on your iphone blackberry thingy, then I guess you could be standing, but..well forget it...)

After 9 years, 10 months, 2 weeks, and 1 day I no longer work for U92. I know, I know... what will happen to the hip Hop scene in Salt Lake City? Frankly, I don't care. Hip Hop makes you dummer.

When I started as part-time on-air on Saturdays I didn't even pronounce the names of the artists correctly. As I packed up my belongings on Friday, I thought about some of the middle-aged white male business owners and thirty-something female media buyers who as recently as last week I was helping to assure that rap music was actually consumed by white suburban kids who beg their parents to let them listen to the station in the car on the way to school. Oh, and those fantastic 18-34's with all that expendable cash.

Thanks to U92 I had alot of experiences I never thought I would. One of them was listening to rap music (ha!). Others were meeting some of the biggest stars of all time (and telling them to shut up), Jello wrestling (in provo of all places), hosting school dances (well, i thought I might actually do that regardless), spending an entire saturday hoisted up in crane bucket in sub zero temperatures to raise turkeys for the food bank, and getting nearly 14,000 people to "make some noise" for a truck driving school. It baffles even me.

But, as I said, those days have come to an end. I'll tell you that I hate it nearly as much as I love it. And this is the kind of thing I thought you guys might want to know... you know, in case you were looking for tickets for Eminem's world tour this summer.

So Couch, what are you up to?


Lovey said...

Scottie!! I can't believe it! What is next for you? FM 100? You and Chunga going to mix it up on the End? I wish you could come to NC and mix up the radio scene stinks!

Love the new look of the page! Hope Dean-o and Kev check back in soon.

Skooch said...

No radio for me! (one year...) I'm going back into the family business for now.